Our Partners

Tamara S. Kasper, MS, CCC-SLP, BCBA

  Tamara S. Kasper, MS, CCC-SLP, BCBA, is a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist who has treated children with challenging behavior since 1990, specializing in children with autism since 1995. Tamara’s commitment to the children she serves led her to pursue treatment methods outside the field of Speech-Language Pathology. She has advanced training in Nancy Kaufman’s strategies for apraxia of speech and partnered with Nancy to create The K&K Sign to Talk Materials and App. She has advanced training in Applied Behavior Analysis/Applied Verbal Behavior, and under the mentorship of renowned Behavior Analyst Dr. Vincent Carbone and his protégé, became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Described by attendees as “inspirational” and “empowering,” Tamara is a frequently invited international lecturer, enthusiastically sharing intervention techniques that building functional verbal behavior, social communication skills and combine social skills training with physical training. She is past recipient of WISHA’s Clinical Achievement Award. Tamara directs The Center for Autism Treatment near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Alisa Morrison-Armata, MS, BCBA

Alisa Morrison-Armata, MS, BCBA, is a Behavioral Treatment Licensed Supervisor at The Center and has received her master’s degree in psychology with an emphasis on behavior analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  She has been supervising and implementing treatment programs for children with autism spectrum disorders since 2000, with a special emphasis on Skinner's Analysis of Verbal Behavior and has designed, implemented, and supervised educational/treatment programs in a wide range of settings, including private schools.  Ms. Morrison-Armata has served as a program supervisor for both intensive and ongoing programs for children with autism and specializes in the design and application of video modeling strategies coupled with task analyses for teaching activities of daily living and social skills, implementation of Direct Instruction curricula, and promotion of functional communication in both verbal and non-verbal learners.  More specifically, she has successfully designed and implemented strategies that decrease vocal scripting and increase social engagement, teach the skills necessary for meaningful friendships and social opportunities, develop and reinforce money skills and debit card use, and create task analyses and programming that assist with daily living independence, which includes dressing, showering, menstrual care.  Ms. Morrison-Armata oversees treatment plans for The Center and works directly with the Behavioral Treatment Therapists to ensure that individualized and effective behavior plans are successfully implemented.   

Marisa McKee, BA, BCaBA

Marisa McKee, BA, BCaBA, holds a degree in Psychology from St. Norbert College and became a Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst in 2003, completing the Preparatory Course leading to Certification under Dr. Vincent Carbone.  She has implemented and supervised treatment of children with autism for since 2000, with special emphasis on Skinner's Analysis of Verbal Behavior.  Ms. McKee is experienced in the implementation of sign language instruction, strategies to promote vocal verbal language development, and the Direct Instruction curriculum.  Currently she leads staff and professional trainings through The Center for Autism Treatment.  She is also fluent in Spanish and is experienced in the treatment of bilingual children with autism. 

Jo M. Dziewa, BS

Jo M. Dziewa, BS, is a Human Resources Consultant at The Center for Autism Treatment. She holds a BS degree in Education and Human Services from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and has completed training in DWD Labor Law Instruction, Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations Employment and Training Policy, and additional coursework at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Business.  Ms. Dziewa has worked as an Intake Coordinator and Human Resources Consultant for the in-home autism services program for over five years.  She has spent over four years as an Educational Assistant position for a 5K program, where she obtained her substitute-teaching license for the state of Wisconsin, and ten years in Marketing and Media Relations and Special Events and as a Director of Office Automation, Office Manager, Personnel Supervisor, and Placement Specialist for JTPA and Work Relief Programs.  She is passionate about her work and is equipped with a strong versatility and extraordinary knowledge base in providing distinctive and specialized care for children with autism and their families.  As a dedicated and experienced parent, educator, and professional, she is committed to selecting quality personnel to staff your team of therapists, and to building a strong partnership to meet your needs.   

Wendy S. Zeller, CICSW

  Wendy S. Zeller, CICSW, is a Master's level prepared Social Worker who has been working with children, adolescents, and their families for over 15 years.  She has undergraduate degrees in both Social Work and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master's degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Prior to joining The Center, Wendy was employed by Milwaukee County as a Psychiatric Social Worker, where she worked for the Milwaukee County Juvenile Probation Department, Residential Treatment Center, Human Services/Foster Care Program and Mobile Urgent Treatment Team, an in-home crisis intervention team associated with the Wraparound program.  Throughout her career, Ms. Zeller has remained proactive in her work with children both on the Autism Spectrum and with other DSM diagnoses, as well as their families.  As an experienced, dedicated, and passionate social worker, she is committed to expanding her role with The Center to include parent education and family systems support.  Her extraordinary knowledge, experience, and dedication to children with special needs and their families have uniquely prepared her to serve as Program Coordinator for The Center for Autism Treatment and in providing future services for children with autism and their families.