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  • Intensive In-home Therapy

    Intensive in-home therapy treatment is considered twenty hours per week or more of direct treatment per week for six months or more. Each therapy shift will typically last two to three hours, which is divided between teaching around the house (natural environment training, NET), structured teaching (intensive table teaching, ITT) and community practice.   >> Read More

  • Pre-Intensive Therapy Package

    The Center staff will meet with families on a case-by-case basis to decide on the best pre-intensive treatment services. A treatment team and Program Supervisor are assigned to each family to implement the personalized intervention plan.   >> Read More

  • Premium Consultation

    This consultation package is designed for pre- and post-intensive clients who are seeking specific consultation regarding an area of concern as identified by the parent. >> Read More

  • Social Communication Therapy Class

    Social Communication Therapy Class is a unique social skills opportunity offered by The Center.  Children who currently receive services through The Center and other children who meet specific language and behavioral prerequisites are invited to participate in this group.  >> Read More

  • Friends and Fitness

    Friends of Fitness is a unique program offered by The Center for Autism Treatment in conjunction with Fanatics of Fitness, LLC.  This class has three primary goals: to improve social interaction/ social communication skills, to improve fitness, and to provide a supported bridge to further community integration. >> Read More