K & K Sign and Say


The K & K Sign and Say is specially designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their treatment teams who frequently use simultaneous communication (sign and vocalization) to teach a child to request (mand) with sign language. It illustrates signs (American Sign Language) for foods, toys and activities that may be difficult to find in sign language dictionaries. Also, the popular and highly effective Kaufman Speech Praxis "word shell" breakdowns are included for each target word. This systematic speech production training approach was modified to further shape articulation for children with ASD. Each card contains a real-life picture of the target item on one side. The reverse side contains a written description of the sign with picture of the hand shapes, and a series of "word shells" to assist in improving production of the word. This kit is designed to meet the unique generalization and motivational needs of individuals with autism or other developmental challenges. 

Each Kit Includes:

  • 150 glossy, full-color cards (5" x 7")
  • real-life photo depicting the sign (ASL)
  • written description of the sign
  • Kaufman "word shell" breakdowns
  • user's manual
  • cards separated alphabetically
  • kit weight: 4 lbs

K & K Speak with Sign

Many young children or learners with autism or other developmental delays demonstrate a desire to communicate, but may not have functional vocal communication. These children may benefit from learning sign language. Sign language can replace problem behavior that a child "uses" to obtain desired items. Sign language can be used to communicate and expand language skills. Research indicates that sign language can support the development of vocal language in some individuals with autism and developmental delays (Mirenda & Erickson, 2000; Mirenda, 2003; Tincani, 2004).

Purposes of Speak with Sign include:

1. Request (Mand) with Sign
The teacher contrives situations for the learner to request, models the sign and/or physically guides the hands of the learner to produce the sign, and fades these prompts. The child signs and receives the item.

2. Vocalize
A child may begin to vocalize while signing or a time delay procedure which has been shown to encourage vocalizations can be used (Attanasio, Carbone, Delaney, Zechin-Tirri, & Sweeney-Kerwin, 2006). After the child signs, the teacher models the item name 2-3 times with a brief pause between each model. Vocal communication is encouraged by providing more reinforcement when vocalizations occur of improve. Tamara Kasper in collaboration with Nancy Kaufman also created K&K Sign and Say. This kit provides additional specific methods for shaping vocalizations. 

3. Label (Tact)/Identify
Teach labeling/selection for children who speak or sign.

4. Label/Identify by Function, Feature, or Class
Skills can be expanded by teaching concepts such as a function (eat), feature (hot), or class (food).

5. Generalize
Vivid photographs of the items in a variety of settings assist the child in generalizing his new sign, new vocalization or both to different examples.

6. Practice
Because the set supplies three examples of each item, a set can be provided to parent, home therapist, or instructional assistant for added practice.

7. Document
Space is provided on the card back for prompts, notes and data.

8. Teach Additional Skills
The set can be used to develop matching, categorization, sorting, and singular/plural skills.

K & K Sign to Talk Nouns & Verbs Combo

Amazing real-life photos! This kit was specifically designed to shape vocal language skills for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Includes a variety of everyday objects (nouns)  and everyday actions (verbs) that children frequently request and that double as excellent reinforcers. The Nouns Kit contains 150 noun cards and the Verb Kit contains 80 verb cards each with the accompanying 40-page manual fully explains this approach.

NOUNS Kit Includes:

  • 150 cards depicting commonly requested objects, including items difficult to find in sign language dictionaries.
  • Motivate for spontaneous requesting and build intelligible vocal behavior.
  •  Teach requesting through sign, or use in a language acquisition program.

VERBS Kit Includes:

  • 40 frequently requested actions are included.
  • Each target action is depicted in 2 unique photos to support concept generalization.
  • Motivate for spontaneous requesting and build intelligible vocal behavior.